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The City of Enlightenment

By Terrance Fullerton

This Book Will Change Your Perception of Reality

How do you view reality as it really is?

Is it time to rethink the way you perceive the things around you?

Here is another way of looking at life.
This book germinated from a seed that was planted during a coaching program I attended led by Eva Gregory. Eva was leading us through a guided visualisation that was to help us go from our present situation in our meadow experience to a higher level as our mountain top experience. During the visualisation Eva was leading us from the meadow to the mountain top and describing all that we needed to go through to get to our mountain top, describing how we would prepare ourselves for the journey, what we would have to go through on our journey to finally reach our mountain top.
As she was leading us through the visualisation I could only see me going from being in the meadow to immediately being on the mountain top, as if this was the way I was meant to get there.
I guess I must have been being shown that why do things the hard way where there is always an easier way, and also, things don’t necessarily have to be hard we just often believe they have to be hard to be worthwhile.
During other visualisations that I was doing around this same time I found that they were beginning to become connected with each other, this intrigued me, so I decided to start a visualisation journal to record these visualisations and their connections.
The different visualisations I had done were going through my mind as I began my visualisation journal, but the one that kept insisting on being the first to be recorded was this meadow experience visualisation.
As I began to record the process of this visualisation, at first thinking to just write down a few notes, I found when I was finished I had written several pages.
This then has grown into the book that is now before you

I am in a beautiful meadow. There is verdant green grass and wild flowers growing there.
It is surrounded by many different species of trees. In the distant is a magnificent range of snow-capped mountains.
A truly beautiful place to be and also one that gives a great feeling of comfort.
I feel there must be more to life than what is visible right now.
If I was to go up on to the top of the mountain I would be able to see much further.
I could take the arduous path up the mountainside to the beautiful peak, but this does not seem to be the right way for me.
I can sense that I could just transport myself directly to the top of the mountain.
The more I look at each of the ways of getting to the top of the mountain, I keep coming back to just relaxing and being at ease and letting myself just be taken straight to the top of the mountain. The other arduous path does not seem to be the one for me.
At the top of the mountain I realise that my view from the meadow, although very beautiful, was also very limited.

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